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Are we seeing signs of progress? I think we are.

West Sussex residents getting the message out and about - Yes Cycling, No Velo South.

The Stop Velo South campaign is moving from words to action and as a result we’re starting to see greatly increased support. Residents out this week putting up posters and raising awareness were overwhelmed by people showing support, by honking their horns and waving or stopping for a chat. 

Whilst Velo South is dividing cyclists from residents and Councillors from constituents, it is unifying communities. With this, we’ve seen CSM Active, the commercial organisation behind Velo South, bow to pressure and introduce a series of so-called “access plans”, which introduce tiny stretches of segregated car / race traffic, in a small number of areas.

It’s a pin-prick and for most people the advice remains the same: you are stuck, so if you want to travel, go park somewhere else the day before; and you still won’t be able to cross the Lycra loop.  But it is progress.

Just think what could be achieved with more pressure; more letting them know of safety hazards; more posters; and demonstrations.

So lets see if we can move them some more in the right direction; the ball has started to roll….. (gallery below)

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