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Cash-hit Council Wastes More Money Fighting Residents

The residents and business of West Sussex will have their day in court

Today, Louise Goldsmith, leader of cash-strapped West Sussex County Council instructed a London-based law firm Sharpe Pritchard, to fight the legal action that residents have mounted against Velo South.

At a time when the council faces immense economic pressure and looming cuts to critical housing and care budgets it has prioritised spending funds on lawyers to fight residents over a cycle race.

Not only will the London lawyers eat up vast amounts of tax payers money, fighting an indefensible action, but Velo South itself - if it goes ahead - will cost the County’s economy and businesses along the route dearly, in addition to wasting the time of countless Council employees, who are working with CSM Active (the profit making business holding the race) to put on the event in the teeth of residents’ and local business’ anger.

“If Louise Goldsmith really wants to save money, she should withdraw the Council’s support for this hugely divisive, hugely disruptive, hugely expensive race, immediately a” said Chris Matthews, one of the residents in the Stop Velo South campaign.

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