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Thank you.

The residents and business of West Sussex will have their day in court

Thank you to the almost 3,000 people who signed up to take part in demonstrations at three locations on the Lycra Loop on Sunday. As we know, God is on our side and your services are not required on this occasion. BUT, Velo South will try again. And so we may have to call on your good services again in the future. And if you were one of the thousands of people who thought long and hard about protesting on the day, but knew you could not get to the demonstration sites, or just weren’t sure about taking part in a demonstration, we would like you to think again and join us next time we have to mobilise, because we will have to mobilise again, no doubt. Thank you to all the poster-placers; the FOI enquirers; the people who raised concerns on FaceBook; the legal-eagles; the press interviewees - thank you all. But let’s not relax. This fight has been won, but the battle isn’t over

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