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When is nine hours not nine hours?

TTRO orders are actually in place from 00:01 until 20:00

As we all know, 140,000 households and businesses on the lycra loop are to be blocked into the homes for up to nine hours whilst the CSM Active’s commercial race goes through. Folks who park their cars outside their homes have to move them (where? The surrounding roads will be jammed with displaced vehicles).

Except its worse than that.

What both CSM Active, the commercial operator behind Velo South, and West Sussex County Council have kept quiet, is that the road closure order has been extended for parking, loading and unloading until 8pm on Sunday.

It’s a pity neither thought to come clean on this additional disruption earlier, and instead maintained the pretence that the inconvenience was “only” for up to nine hours. 

So if you are a business and have rescheduled deliveries - you may have to reschedule again. If you are a resident, beware that they may still tow your car away, after the official closure time.

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