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WSCC - Left hand, right hand, arse, elbow?

Apetito, West Sussex County Council meals on wheels supplier has not been briefed on Velo South road closures

The latest from West Sussex County Council, which is committed to the highest levels of consultation and transparency (except when it comes to Velo South), is that one part of the Council doesn’t know what the other is doing.

It would be funny were it not so serious. Apetito is the new meals on wheels service for West Sussex, delivering much needed, high-quality food to folks in need. Except no-one in the Council and no-one in CSM Active, thought to tell them that they would have trouble delivering these essential meals on the 23rd September, as 100 miles of roads are being closed to create the Lycra Loop. You really couldn’t make it up. As ever, CSM Active will be the ones to make money from Velo South; WSCC is left hoping the costs don’t overwhelm any benefits, and its the locked-in residents and businesses that will bear the brunt of the road closures. If you, or someone you know, depends on Apetito to deliver meals on wheels, please let us, the Council and Velo South know that you will require unfettered access on the day.

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