Take Action: Be heard

Louise Goldsmith (leader of West Sussex County Council) has confessed that the engagement with local communities for Velo South did not start early enough. CSM Active's communications have been farcical or invisible. Velo South's return for future years is already being discussed. We must act now to stop Velo South. You can do this in three easy steps:

1. Support with your fingers

Download and print a letter for your neighbour and put it through their letterbox. A problem shared is a problem halved.

2. Support with a print

Be visible. In CSM's eyes we are all supporters of Velo South. Show them and WSCC our  thoughts by displaying a print

3. Support with your feet

We are working to organise a safe and legal protest. Sign up, register your interest and join us on the day.

1/3 Support with your fingers:

Write to those responsible for approving Velo South and express your concerns. Question the benefits, the justification and challenge the democratic deficit. Remember, that whilst this year may go ahead Velo South could return for the next 5 years, so now is the time to act!

Customise and print this letter for your neighbours. Please distribute as many as your can. If its easier to email your friends and neighbours, please do so too

Hold those responsible accountable. Write to Louise Goldsmith directly at West Sussex County Council louise.goldsmith@westsussex.gov.uk

Alert those in Government to the democratic deficit within West Sussex County Council. Find and write to your local MP here

Sign this petition to prevent the next five years of Velo South events

2/3 Support with a print:

Choose a poster from the options below. You can either order a waterproofed/laminated print to place outside along the route or download the file for free to print at home. Prints are charged at cost and take 5-7 days to arrive.


3/3 Support with a safe and peaceful protest.

A safe and legal walking protest has been registered with West Sussex Police. A walking protest is planned on the day which will be peaceful, legal and within our statutory rights. We encourage you to speak with your feet and walk with us. Exact details will be published nearer the event, in the meantime, sign up below and show your support: